Why Digital Nomads Life?

Traveling around the world is everyone’s dream, but there are people who actually manage to do so while working remotely. Here you can read the stories of Digital Nomads and learn more about their businesses.

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I Married My Virtual Assistant, Now We Run a Remote Company Together

Oshin was Mike's virtual assistant. Then he got sick on the road, they met and immediately fell in love with each other.

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Digital Nomad Is My Job Title. This Is What I Do

The Digital Nomad opportunity sort of just landed in my lap. I began working with National Geographic Traveler, as a freelancer, four years ago. But it's not always easy to travel to work!

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We're a Digital Nomad Family, Traveling With Two Kids

My husband and I decided to live on the road with our two children, aged two and three. It's easier to be a mother outside the US!

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I’ve Been Working For The Same Company For 8 Years While Traveling The World

I used to work from home, so I thought I could work while traveling around instead of staying in just one place.

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I Spent 5 Months Backpacking in Europe, Then I Found My Career

The story of me becoming a digital nomad is really the story of me starting backpacking. I embarked on my first backpacking trip when I was 31.

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I Learned to Code Online, Now I'm Building Websites Around the World

I decided I wanted to travel around the World after backpacking across India. I just thought it was pretty amazing and I said: "Why couldn't I keep doing it?".

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