Traveling around the world is everyone’s dream, but there are people who actually manage to do so while working remotely. They are freelancers, business owners or remote employees who can work from anywhere. You can see their dream lives on Instagram, where they post pictures of tropical beaches, amazing capitals and stunning panoramas from the tops of mountains. This is what you see online, but we wanted to know more about their jobs and how they could afford this kind of lifestyle.

That’s why DigitalNomads.Life was launched.

Here you can find stories about successful remote businesses and how they grew online. There are stories of freelancers and how they managed to get their first clients. There are stories about remote employees and why they chose to live so far away from home.

Life as a digital nomad is not always easy and we’d like to also tell the downside of their journeys. Reading their stories, you can learn how a simple thing like going to the doctor could be difficult or finding a cafè with a good wifi connection to work from. Many digital nomads travel alone, others with their partners. Often they work online, but there are some who work mainly offline, for example life coaches who meet their customers in person.

Sometimes, they run out of money and they have to be creative to keep traveling around.

Digital nomadism is not a single lifestyle, it’s a collage of different lifestyles and we’d like to explore it in every aspect.
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