We’re a Digital Nomad Family, Traveling With Two Kids

Monique and her husband, Derek, are traveling the world as a digital nomad family with their two toddlers, aged two and three. Here is their story!


NAME & SURNAME: Monique Alvarez
AGE: 39
NAME OF THE COMPANY: MoniqueAlvarezEnterprises.com
SECTOR: Business Consultant
NEXT LOCATION: Athens, Greece
TRAVELING WITH: My husband and two toddlers

When did you decide to become a Digital Nomad and why? What did you do before?

I decided to become a digital nomad almost ten years ago after spending my twenties traveling solo. After returning to the U.S. and meeting my husband I knew I wanted to own a business that would give us the ability to travel as much as we wanted. We lived in a few places in the U.S. before setting out on our first international experience together in 2012. We then had two babies and left again on full time travel just over a year ago. For us, it’s the best lifestyle.

Tell me more about your current job. How did you start?

My husband and I started a web design and marketing company nine years ago and then after having two babies in 12 months, I shifted into business consulting. I started a mastermind then as well and I focus on turning women into business women.

Monique Alvarez Digital Nomad Family - Digital Nomads Life
What kind of tools do you use to be productive? How many hours per week do you usually work? How do you find your clients?

My favorite tool is a timer. I give myself a set amount of time to complete tasks to avoid wasting time. I also love Canva, Trello, and Zoom. I work 12-15 hours a week and spend the rest of my time playing with my babies. I get new clients mainly from networking online.

You said you're traveling with your husband. Is he a digital nomad as well?

Yes, my husband is a fine artist and he paints on the iPad. All his paintings are available online and can be shipped worldwide. He still does a website or two a month for my clients when they request him, but most of his time is focused on art now. His website is DerekAlvarezArt.com.

You are a digital nomad family. Is it easy to travel with children? Will you stop traveling when they are old enough to go to school?

Our boys, Sam and Grant, are two and three. We left the US right after their first and second birthdays. I love traveling with them. I find being a mom is much easier outside the US. We were in Mexico for a year and they are so family oriented. My kids were loved by the whole city. We never walked into a restaurant to be met by rolling eyes or annoyed staff. We are now in Albania for the summer and they are the same way. They adore children here and it's so nice to be in an environment where I'm supported as a mother and my kids are cherished.

We won't stop traveling when they are old enough to go to school. We love this lifestyle and it allows us to give our kids loads of time and rich experiences. We haven't decided what type of schooling we will do, but I'm sure they will help us figure it out and it can evolve as they grow.

How do you choose the next locations?

We choose it on what we are feeling like. We enjoy mild weather year round and locations that are family friendly with good wifi of course.

Which are your passions? What do you do in your free time?

Food is my passion! I love travel because I get to try lots of new foods. I also love to cook at home for my family. In my free time, I practice yoga and read about my next destination.

What’s the worst part of being a Digital Nomad?

People constantly think we are trust fund babies. I would say most don’t understand the lifestyle or what it takes to make it happen.

What’s your advice to somebody who wants to become a Digital Nomad?

I'd say go for it! The only reason most people don’t live life on their own terms is because they are guilted into something different. It’s ok if the life you want is unconventional and goes against cultural norms. I’m a little biased but I think being a business owner is a smart way to go.

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Monique Alvarez Digital Nomad Family - Digital Nomads Life

We’re a Digital Nomad Family, Traveling With Two Kids

Monique and her husband, Derek, are traveling the world as a digital nomad family with ...
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