I’ve Been Working For The Same Company For 8 Years While Traveling The World

Usually being a digital nomad means also work instability, this story shows how is possible to work for the same company for over 8 years while traveling around.


NAME & SURNAME: Boris Plotkin
AGE: 28
TYPE OF DIGITAL NOMAD: remote employee
NAME OF THE COMPANY: Ecoline Windows
SECTOR: Company is in renovations, I do their IT system/portal
NEXT LOCATION: Bali, Indonesia
FAVORITE LOCATION: Koh Phangan and Pai, Thailand
AVERAGE MONTHLY SALARY: average software developer salary

When did you decide to become a Digital Nomad and why? What did you do before?

I decided to become a digital nomad after a “short” one month trip in Europe, I discovered how easy traveling the world was and that it was cheaper than I thought. It was hard for me to take much time off; being the only programmer in my team I need to be available almost always and if I wanted to go trekking in the mountains I had to tell my employer well in advance. Anyway this trip inspired me to travel full time.

Before this trip, I had already been working remotely from home for this company for about 7 years. So remote work was not new to me.

Tell me more about your current job. How did you start?

My brother had started this company while I was still studying. I helped them with different projects since the company was growing and then I joined them full time. 

Boris Plotkin Traveling Around The World - Digital Nomad

What kind of tools do you use to be productive?

Timezone clocks to know when they are available.

Whatsapp, email, Google Hangouts for communication.

SFTP, Text editor, Chrome browser for development.

How many hours per week do you usually work?

Depends on the work required each week, maybe an average of 20 hours per week.

How do you choose the next locations?

Based on stories I read or based on like-minded fellow travelers suggestions. I also used to check if there are some special events I could be interested in attending.

Which are your passions?

Adventure sports, nature, spirituality, fruit (raw vegan) diet.

Boris Plotkin, traveling the world - Digital Nomads Life

What do you do in your free time?

If the weather is bad, I watch videos or I read online. 

Good weather is for trekking or exploring around, depending where I am.

I also make my own youtube videos once in awhile, and blog a little for any useful information I find along the way; which includes travel and technology tips.

What’s the worst part of being a Digital Nomad?

Finding a good Internet connection and a comfortable working location.

What’s your advice to somebody who wants to become a Digital Nomad?

I can’t give an advice on how to become a Digital Nomad, since I have done the same thing for over 8 years, but I can give some suggestions regarding traveling issues.

Pack as light and small as you can, take things that might be hard to find where you are going (i.e. clothes are sold everywhere, but underwear is not always quality everywhere) and remember to bring your own devices and other electronics, since they can be very expensive depending on where you are heading.
Do a little online research, and then start talking to your fellow travelers, for they may have the most valuable information. Traveling one way with as little planning as possible is the most fun!

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